The Name Of The Most High


Righteous Judgement is the process by which a person comes to the full knowledge of the Most High.


Indeed ... the word 'apocalypse' means unveiling or 'revealing of that which was hidden.'


What is going to be revealed?


It is the Name of the Most High that exposes the attitude one has toward the Father in Heaven - and, as such, the soul is to face judgement, so it may repent, or accept condemnation. Basically ... the sword has arrived - and no one is going to be spared the effect it has to separate the sheep from the goats.


The time has come to embrace the opportunity to live eternally.

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Applying The Name To The Forehead


The only way to overcome the world is to place the Name of the Most High in the forehead - and that is made possible when we look to the sacrifice of Yahushua upon the tree and emulate His example to placate the ego.


Faith is the foundation of a loving relationship - and, as such, it facilitates the attitude of perfection to overcome into the Name of the Most High.


The free books (listed) provide examples of how to exemplify these processes.