Judgement Is (Already) Upon The World


Righteous Judgement is the process by which a person comes to the full knowledge of the Most High.


Indeed ... the word 'apocalypse' means unveiling or 'revealing of that which was hidden.'


What is going to be revealed?


It is the Name of the Most High that exposes the attitude one has toward the Father in Heaven - and, as such, the soul is to face judgement, so it may repent, or accept condemnation. Basically ... the sword has arrived - and no one is going to be spared the effect it has to separate the sheep from the goats.


The time has come to choose life or death.

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The tree of knowledge of good and evil is when truth and lies are mixed - to create delusion. The delusional are, therefore, the tree that have knowledge of both good and evil - and, as such, their words are lethal to the soul.


Apostasy (delusion) = spiritual death.


Delusion places a person in blinders because they perceive a vision (goal) and this causes them to become blinkered to evidences that would otherwise correct perceptions. Psychologists refers to this as Cognitive Dissonance: in which a person rejects (often) valid information that undermines their vision.

You see... every living human being - has a perceived vision of reality which is qualified by their knowledge, understanding, faith and experiences in life. These things, unfortunately, can be brought into question - because the mind can (even) project hallucinations that allude to experience. Some are so deluded - they are unable to acknowledge they have a faith in something they worship (such as money or ego) - where unproven theories, in science, serve as doctrines to create their delusion.


The truth is ... we are all in danger of delusion: if we do not know what the truth is - or if we think we know what the truth is. Is it possible to know what the truth is? Yes ... however - it is impossible to know, for certain, what truth is - unless we understand the unutterable, ineffable, Name of God and how to apply it to the forehead.


The Name of God is referred to as unutterable and ineffable because:


1) It cannot be uttered (audibly)

2) It is hallowed (Eternal Paradise)


This means the Names used within religions are descriptive words and not His Name. For example:


1) Hashem = The Name

2) Elohim = He is the Power of the powers

3) Elohai or Elohei = My God

4) Yahweh = Divine Warrior

5) Adonai = The Lord

6) Tzevaot = Leader of the Heavenly Hosts

7) YHWH-Shalom = The LORD Our Peace


So... what, exactly, is the Name of God?


Put simply... it is observed in the way we abound in the love of Christ - which is exemplified in perfect humility before the Father in Heaven. This is why Yahushua focused His attention on teaching us how to abound in the love of Christ - having obedience to the perfect Will of God.

If we look to John 17:6 - we see He asks the Father to glorify Him for manifesting His Name (which is the qualification for glorification). Glorification = receiving of heavenly garments. This means He asked, in humility, to be acknowledged for letting us know and understand what the Name of God is.


Unfortunately ... it's one thing to understand what it is - and quite another to know how to place it in the forehead to fulfil the Royal Law (as Yahushua did). We need to be aware of how to actively display responsibility (humility) with the power to create life - without the presence of delusion.


In other words ... we are to avoid sexual immorality and all forms of idolatry.


The Name of God empowers us to achieve this because we can use it to root out all false doctrines that causes delusion (apostasy). Take, for example, the pagan tradition, of Christmas, that seeks to pervert the spirit of innocence: to associate happiness with obtaining material possessions.


This tradition creates a delusion to use false doctrines that justify the pursuit of wealth and power - which is a direct defilement of the Name of God. This, then, exposes the subtle nature of the serpent that gives glory to satan because it manifests the number of the beast. The number of the beast is six hundred and sixty six - which is a human number (equation for three pyramids) that empower:


1) anti-Christ - religious (lies)

2) False Prophet - political (intrigue)

3) The Beast - military / police (force)


We can see a clear distinction between Yahushua, who personified the truth (equality), and satan, who personified the lie (hierarchy). Delusion facilitates the creation of hierarchy (kingdom of satan) so it's critical we eradicate all such delusions if we are to live.


It's time to recognise the truth - and embrace the Name of God.

Applying The Name To The Forehead


The only way to overcome the world is to place the Name of the Most High in the forehead - which is made possible when we look to the sacrifice of Yahushua upon the tree.


In other words ... it allows us to appreciate a man, with all authority, laid His life down for everyone to see - there is something beyond this world of more value.


...and that facilitates the attitude of perfection.