The Eternal Kingdom


Leaven is the sin that seeks to garrison itself within the soul


Scripture is designed to be personified - but few are aware it has a duality in the way it can be perceived to placate humility or exalt haughtiness. This is how doctrines are created - to placate or exalt the soul


The tree of knowledge of good and evil is the mixture of (true and false) doctrines that, all too often, create the delusion one is righteous in the eyes of the Most High.


Thus, it is crucial to ensure the doctrines we hold: placate humility and do not exalt haughtiness.

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The Dangers Of Religion


Atheists often ask Christians to prove there is a God - so here is a stock-answer (letter) for them:


Scripture makes it clear we live by faith.


Therefore... whenever someone asks for proof God exists: it's like asking a Christian to destroy them.


Even if a Christian could prove God exists... they would never oblige in destroying anyone because a Christian is supposed to bring a non-believer to life not death. I realise this may sound like a cop-out but that is the reality of the situation. Therefore... a Christian has good reason to refuse those who demand evidence for the existence of a God.


The question is (quite frankly) absurd.


A more apt question would be: "Could you please offer a legitimate reason to develop a faith in a God?" The answer to this question will have to come from the sciences, atheists accept as gospel, because they dismiss the Word of God on the erroneous grounds the true-Christ faith is like the other religions that perpetrate evil in this world.


If we look to the Double-Slit Experiment, wel quickly realise: there is a reality beyond the visible which is interconnected with the reality that is visible. This (experiment) was conclusive proof there are two realities that are interconnected with each other.

However, science refused to acknowledge these two realities (publicly) because scripture says: God created the heaven (quantum mechanics) and the earth (classical physics) and that flies in the face of naturalism.


Given the fact science, also, discovered the cosmological constant (which also indicated intelligent design) the scientists immediately realised they were faced with - yet - another situation that shows scripture is accurate.


Science decided to invent 'theoretical physics' and started postulating ideas, that were improvable, so they could use mathematics to inspire the imagination that consider the possibility of multiple realities. Instead of submitting their findings, that described two realities are interconnected, they postulated the idea of multiple realities with String Theory etc - to defer the rational mind away from the truth.


In other words... The Royal Society (publishers of science papers) started to deceive those who look to science for answers - to avoid the metaphysical position of supernaturalism and assert the metaphysical position of naturalism.


Prior to the Michelson-Morley Experiment The Royal Society refused to accept the Theory of Relativity - but they were compelled to accept it after Michelson and Morley demonstrated conclusive proof the Earth is not moving through space. They became obsessed with finding gravitational waves to validate the Theory of Relitivity in order to make the data from the Michelson-Morley Experiment questionable.


This all adds up to one simple truth: science has a severe bias toward naturalism - and this is detrimental to the progress of mankind.


This contition is so severe - science refuses to acknowledge the evidences it sees while it continues to assert indirect evidence as direct evidence to perpetuate a dependancy on prediction to move forward.

Atheists who think science is the Champion of Atheism are in for a shock - because science will either collapse under the weight of its own propaganda or it will acknowledge the sovereign authority of the Most High..


Technically speaking ...there is no such thing as atheism because the human brain is hard-wired to worship something - wheather that is some deity or money or ego: it is not possible to live by the lack of faith because we need to believe in certain things.


For example ... science is primarily a function of theory that relies upon the verification of prediction, via demonstrable testing, to exemplify understanding of the nature of reality. Prediction, therefore, creates belief in a theory - because such prediction remains unproven until the theory is verified.


Normally ... this (methodology) may not cause problems - but there are many occasions where it is highly destructive to the soul.


This is to say... an atheist who claims to lack the ability to have a faith is ignoring the fact they have faith in the predictions within scientific theories - thus: it is possible for them to have a faith in something.

This means there is no valid reason (excuse) to deny the existence of a God - because Yahushua never intended to establish a 'religion' but, rather, a relationship with the Father in Heaven where we all abound in the love of Christ.


Otherwise... the motive is sexually immorality and/or idolatry.


The fact the church is in a state of apostasy (fallen away from the truth) is no excuse to deny the existence of a God.

Direct And Indirect Evidence


There is sufficient evidence that reveals the presence of a divine creator. The problem is clarification of evidence type.


Direct evidence is subject to personal experiences - which means theists bare witness that indirect evidence should not be readily dismissed by those who demand direct evidence.


The book Epic Fail is priced because atheists demand proof.