Delusion = Spiritual Death


Scripture is designed to be personified - but few are aware it has a duality in the way it can be perceived to placate the ego humility or exalt the ego to haughtiness. This means scripture has the potential to establish a living soul in truth if we understand what created sin (delusion).


The tree of knowledge of good and evil, for example, is the mixture of (true and false) doctrines that creates the delusion one is righteous in their own eyes.


The Most High warned us to not partake of the tree of knowledge of good (truth) and evil (lies).


We must therefore take care when we study anything that seeks to enlighten us because we are (all) susceptible - vulnerable - to the delusions that seduce the ego.

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Direct And Indirect Evidence


There is sufficient evidence that reveals the presence of a divine creator. However ... the problem is clarification of evidence type.


1) Indirect evidence is subject to interpretation.

2) Direct evidence is not subject to interpretation.


The evidence that reveals the presence of a creator is indirect - because there is a mechanism set in place to cultivate a faith based relationship for spiritual growth.