Beware The Leaven


Leaven is the sin that seeks to garrison itself within the soul


Scripture is designed to be personified - but few are aware it has a duality in the way it can be perceived to placate humility or exalt haughtiness. This is how doctrines are created - to placate or exalt the soul


The tree of knowledge of good and evil is the mixture of (true and false) doctrines that, all too often, create the delusion one is righteous in the eyes of the Most High.


Thus, it is crucial to ensure the doctrines we hold: placate humility and do not exalt haughtiness.

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The Protection of Angels


Yeshua said: "Unless you become as one of these little ones, you cannot enter into the Kingdom of Heaven." This has intrigued me, no end, because it begs the question: are we required to become children or is there something about children that defines the way we will be in the Kingdom of Heaven?


When I asked a friend what this meant - he said: children are willing to listen tentatively and learn - so this means: we are to avoid any prideful feelings so we may learn the ways of the Lord.


This sounds perfectly acceptable - until we realise this: must be applied to the Holy Spirit: and not a pastor or preacher or priest etc. I mean it's ok to sound someone out - but it's so important to let the Holy Spirit guide us: rather than the words of one striving to discern scripture for others - because the scripture has a wonderful way of connecting with the individual at a personal level.


Yeshua also informed us the angels of children are continually turned toward the Father in Heaven. This reveals what Yeshua was referring to when He said we must be as one of these little ones (children). The reason why the angels, of children, are continually turned toward the Father is because they lack the impulse to sin - which is: contemplate sexual activity.


Children may be innocent - in the way they have no interest in sexuality - but they are still able to assert authority over another: which is the primary function of sin.


1) Sexual immorality is physical impurity

2) Idol worship is spiritual impurity


Sexual immorality and idol worship both appear when sin is active within a person - because that is how sin manifests itself - and although children are able to assert authority over another - they remain innocent: because they are too young to understand this is wrong.


Thus... they are unable to allow sin to manifest in their ways.


A good parent will teach their child the values of humility - so they are prepared for the way sin will seek to manifest itself. This will equip them to remain focused on the task of overcoming in the Name of God later. Idol worship, for example, is the belief in false doctrines that allows the ego to seduce the soul to walk in pride - so it's important for children to be taught: how and why they need to avoid such things.


The angels of children are continually turned toward the Father in Heaven - because there is no darkness within them. This means they are so bright - demons flee from them: so the angels need not watch over them. This is why their angels are turned continually toward the Father.


Their bright nature is protection enough.


Thus... we need to remove any darkness within - so we can become bright enough to make all evil spirits flee from our presence. In doing this... our angels can return to being continually turned toward the Father in Heaven - because we are able to walk upright before the Father.


Yes... our angels are charged with watching over us - but our job is to alleviate them of concern: so they can return to their true function of being turned toward the Father.


This means... we are all (then) looking toward the Father when these things are set right.