Posession Of Truth


The truth is not owned by any individual, who claims everyone has their own truth, but is rather something that is owned by the Father.


...and it is within God (the Father in Heaven).


This is why Yeshua told us we are in Him as He is in the Father - which means the scripture not only spoke of Yeshua but those who will become the holy generation in the end of days.


This is to say the Generation of the Son of Man is a Kingdom of Truth.

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The Man Who Would Be King


There was a particular man who said in his heart, "I want to be like King David being a man after the heart of the Messiah," so he studied the scripture so he could preach the Word of God and be pleaseing to the Father in Heaven. The man grew in the spirit to do this work and he felt sure his work was blessed ... but he had grown haughty, even as he preached humility, and began to beat his fellow servants because they questioned his doctrines.


Then ... he became a victim of his own rhetoric because his heart deceived him into thinking a love he had for another man's wife was sent by the Most High - and, as such, he became ensnared in the thicket without hope of escape because he was unable to reconcile the deception in his heart with the Word of God - and so: he became as King David who took to his heart another man's wife - and realised he had to conceal his treachery against the Most High under the delusion he was righteous in his efforts to continue his work.


The Most High sent the Bride to speak with this man so he may reconcile his heart to the Father in Heaven - by teaching him the process of sanctification into the Name of the Most High - but the man rejected her words and continued in his treachery having (also) developed inappropriate feelings toward the Bride.


The Most High sent the Bridegroom to speak with the man, who would be king, and asked him: "Why have you sought to seduce another man's wife?" but instead of repenting - the man asked, "Do you believe yourself to be the Messiah," knowing denial would deny the Lord and acceptance would be considered blasphemy.

The Bridegroom told him, "I am nothing without my Lord and Saviour," but he continued to attack the Bridegroom - having deceived himself into thinking he was defending the honour of another servant (who was lukewarm in vomit).


The Bridegroom departed from the man, who would be king, and asked His Bride to let him know: salvation rests upon manifesting the Name of the Most High - so he may ponder the only means to reconcile his heart to the Father in Heaven. The Bride and Bridegroom then prayed he would appreciate the sword is on the horizon - so he would repent and do the Will of the Most High instead of asserting his own will. Otherwise ... his kingdom (work) will come to ruin - and he is left feeling the guilt of murdering the husband of the woman he seduced: having failed to secure the heart of the man he professed to love.


Many Christians today have thought such things - because they think the scripture has said, "I will make you kings and priests," but the words should say: "I will make you a kingdom of priests."


We (the chosen Elect) are all responsible for rooting out apostasy - so the heart may be purified before the Father in Heaven.


This is a serious business that is more important than teaching some interpretation of the scripture - so the Name of the Most High is critical to our salvation. Your redemption draws near ... but many (so many) fail to see it has arrived.

The Tree Of Kowledge of Good And Evil


Knowledge of good = truth

Knowledge of evil = lies

Tree = authority on earth


Mix of truth and lies = delusion (sin)

Delusion = spiritual death


False Religion is The Presence Of Sin (Delusion)