Duality In Scripture


The scripture has blocks that cause the haughty to stumble before the Most High.


For example ... the scripture tells us: '...and she was found to be with child before they came together,' which can mean: before they (Joseph and Mary) had sex or before they were married.


Only the truly himble will understand which one is correct - because they will seek to apply the Name of the Most High in the forhead to glorify the Father in Heaven.


This is how we do the Will of God.

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Direct And Indirect Evidence


There is sufficient evidence that reveals the presence of a divine creator. However ... the problem is clarification of evidence type.


1) Indirect evidence is subject to interpretation.

2) Direct evidence is not subject to interpretation.


The evidence that reveals the presence of a creator is indirect - because there is a mechanism set in place to cultivate a faith based relationship for spiritual growth.